Do me a favor…  Go to the Apple movie trailer site or wherever it is that you choose to watch new trailers for upcoming releases and watch the trailer for Defendor.  Is it just me or are they marketing this movie as a comedy?

I liked the movie but, visit this c’mon, it’s a superhero movie with Elias Koteas in it.  Of course I’m going to like it.  I just don’t understand why a studio would make or distribute a picture for which they didn’t know what the audience was (if there even IS one).  When a studio makes an epic Sci-Fi space opera, they know that their target audience is going to be males from 12-35, and females from 16-30 (provided there is either a strong female character or a scene featuring Colin Ferrell’s bottom) and they’re going to advertise it accordingly.  I doubt very much the accuracy of these age groups as I’ve made up the aforementioned figures to illustrate a point,  and the point is this: If you want to make a funny movie that comedy fans would like to see, make it.  If you want to make a dark, quirky, uneven, character driven, superhero picture that only a very select audience would ACTUALLY enjoy, fine as well but PLEASE stop trying to sell movies to a broader audience by pretending your movie is a comedy when it’s absolutely NOT.

Is the movie funny?  Sure.  …But so is Die Hard.  And Rocky.  And Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  These movies all have plenty of funny moments in them and I’m sure if I tried hard enough, I could cut together trailers for each of them that made them look really funny but ultimately I would be misrepresenting the movie and people will leave the theater wondering, “why the hell does that Indiana Jones guy seems so darned serious in the actual movie?  The trailer looked like a hoot.”

I’m pretty sure that with most other products and services, if you advertise one thing and then deliver something else entirely…  That’s called FRAUD, isn’t it?  Isn’t fraud illegal or something?

I did like Defendor though…

…it was pretty funny.

(Sorry if this entry doesn’t make total sense as written.  I am about to fall asleep sitting up at the computer.)