I remember sitting in the theater, order watching Apollo 13 from the edge of my seat having become fully invested in the story and the characters.  15 years later (earlier tonight) I sat in my home theater, treatment watching Apollo 13 on Blu-Ray, health wondering why the HELL they would release a 15th Anniversary Edition of such an astoundingly powerful movie, and not bother to clean up the film at all.  It does not appear to have been remastered; the transfer seems to have been made from a print that wasn’t even cleaned up at all before hand.

Now, I don’t claim to be a technical expert on how movies make it from film to Blu-Ray discs, however, I do know that I’ve seen older movies that looked way better and cleaner than this one.  Cool Hand Luke springs to mind.  Also, the special effects do not hold up in high definition.  The blue screen shots are even more obvious here than in most films from the 80’s and the digital bits have an unshakable “Playstation 2” feel to them that is tremendously disappointing.

Houston, we have a problem…


…It IS still a fantastic movie though.