You know, cost these days I wouldn’t make pee-pee on Michael Bay’s face if his teeth were on fire.  The Transformers movies are two of the biggest wastes of time and money since Batman & Robin (Don’t get me started on Joel Schumacher).  Bad Boys II was only okay and Pearl Harbor was downright shameful (see Inglourious Basterds Review).  I had almost forgotten that he ever made any good movies.  The Rock and Armageddon.  That’s it.  I realize that some people detest these two films as well, but I have a soft spot in my heart for them.  Armageddon in particular.

I was living in Los Angeles when Armageddon was released and I chose to see it because it was the next film starting when I arrived at the theater (a deal I had made with myself before I left home).  I had zero expectations.  Less than zero if that’s possible.  I figured it was going to be just another Sci-Fi/Action flick.  I was wrong.  I know it’s corny but I cried at the end.  Not only in the theater, but every single time I watch it, my eyeballs well up at the end.

Damn you, Michael Bay.  How could you go from Armageddon to Transformers II: Revenge Of The Fallen?  Did he get kicked in the head by a horse or something?

The Blu-Ray looks incredible, as you might imagine, however if you’re looking for extra features, this edition is severely lacking.  The DVD Special Edition had a buttload of extra features.  A whole second disc worth.  The Blu-Ray only has trailers and the Aerosmith video for “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.”

I still maintain that the best thing Michael Bay has done in his entire career was his cameo in “Mystery Men.”