Duel Of The Fates by Otis Frampton  (He did this one for ME!!)

On August 10, information pills 2008 I was in my very first car wreck.  I was always taught “if something’s worth doing, visit this site it’s worth doing right.”  This wreck was top-notch.  An idiot turned in front of me at the last second, against the light, and hit me head-on at about 45 miles per hour.  I was also traveling at a comfortable 45 miles per hour.  Long story short, my right knee was completely ripped open and I had to stay with my parents while I re-learned how to walk.  WORST 4 MONTHS EVER!! And not because I had to move back in with my parents…  That was awesome.  Worst because confined to a couch as I was for most of every day, I quickly ran out of things to do.

What’s all this got to do with Otis?  Well, in my boredom, I turned to the trusty computernet.  Browsing through the “favorite artists lists” on the websites of some of my favorite artists, I stumbled upon Otis Frampton.  At the time, he was just beginning his Artcast Program and I would watch him pretty much every time he was on.  After all, what the heck else did I have to do?  I wasn’t going anywhere.

Otis is an incredibly talented artist.  He draws the way I wish I could draw.  His style is amazing.  Timeless yet fresh, simple but not amateurish in any way.  It is reminiscent of Bruce Timm (creator of Batman: The Animated Series) or Michael Avon Oeming (Powers).  Watching him create masterpiece after masterpiece is truly awe-inspiring.  Part of what makes his drawings so great is his eye for “mis en scene” (in “pretentious film school” language, that means: “composition”).  His compositions seem to be more cinematically inspired than one is used to seeing from standard comic-style art.  Each picture looks like a single frame of film from an animated movie.  And recently he’s started doing a lot more digital work like the Duel Of The Fates commission at the top of the page, and they are even better than the stuff he was doing with markers which was already amazing.

He has produced two “Oddly Normal” graphic novels and recently began a fantastic webcomic called, “Escape From Planet Nowhere.” His popular U-Stream Artcast is the highest rated program on the Artcast Network. Just stop in some evening and watch him draw for a bit.  He’s a really nice guy and totally approachable.  If you have any questions about anything from artistic process to favorite films, just ask.  It’s been my experience that he’s more than happy to talk to pretty much anyone.

His commission list tends to fill up pretty fast but he also burns through them pretty fast and starts a new commission list, plus he does a thing called 7-7 Sunday; a first come-first served type of situation where anyone (as long as you’re among the first 7) can get a convention-style head sketch for a measly $7.  It’s a lot of fun.  Try to catch his show if you can.  I guarantee you’ll like it.  If you don’t…  I’ll buy you a Coke the next time I see you.