I’m gonna try to give you the short version so as not to bore you to death.

Ok, viagra 40mg A while back I met an artist at Wizard World Chicago named Katie Cook.  She’s amazing.  She’s a total nerd, pharm she loves Star Wars and all the other geek stuff, cheapest she’s an incredibly talented artist and she’s very funny.  (Relax, boys.  She’s married.)  Do yourself a favor and go here and check her out.

She is doing a webcomic called “Gronk – A Monster’s Story”.  Last year while I was making a batch of Box Monsters, I made her a little Gronk out of clay.

At the time she had yet to start the actual webcomic.  Now that she’s started, I thought I’d do another piece of fan-art for her.  The original idea was to have Gronk sitting on a log, looking bummed, and being consoled by Kermit The Frog.  Then I thought, “You know what? Katie also really likes The Hulk and he’s green, too.”  Then when I started sketching it out I thought, “Hey, Katie also likes Star Wars and Yoda’s green as well!”  It just sort of spiraled out of control from there.  Enjoy.