Oh boy, medical did this movie stink!!  I hate when comics movies fall short of how awesome they could be.  Such was the case with Green Lantern.  Ryan Reynolds might have been perfect for that role if they were doing a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern movie, mind but he is no Hal Jordan.  The special effects looked very cool but the story was super-clunky and terribly boring.  The script was uncomfortably predictable with the exception of the involvement of Sinestro.  I would never have predicted that they would bother to include, approved and get such a great actor like Mark Strong to play, a character that has almost nothing to do with the story and is really only in the film so they could set up a sequel; a sequel which I really hope they never bother to make.  I suppose you might enjoy this movie if you are a die hard GL fan, or if you’ve suffered severe brain damage in the recent past.  Otherwise just say, “NO.”