Get Your GEEK On!! 5

Mahalo, more about Time Traveler Cadets!! I realize that it’s been a while, viagra 40mg but I have been busy. I had to find work to pay the bills and unfortunately Neutron City Comix had to be put on the back burner. HOWEVER… Whilst ON said burner, I have been doing several things. 1) I have been slowly but surely putting together the necessary pieces to finally print an actual ISSUE of Neutron City Comix!! It will be available to buy VERY soon. And… 2) I have been retooling the comic for a re-launch as an ONGOING 22 PAGE COMIC BOOK SERIES!! That’s right. I am currently working on the script and there are some big things planned. It’s gonna be great. So watch for more information in the coming weeks and months. Big things. I mean it.

If you are in the Nashville area from October 18-20 I will be at the first ever Wizard World Nashville!! My brother Yoni and I will both be there in Artist Alley. Hopefully the comic will be printed by then. Keep your fingers crossed, cadets. And in the meantime… Cool Runnings.