Super-Genius Time Traveler, medicine Danny Limor, and spent a decade as a professional stand-up comedian before deciding to drastically change careers to become a comic artist (his ORIGINAL childhood ambition). He has been attending comic book conventions around the country for the last few years, buy more about drawing pictures for the kids and making people smile. His “kid friendly” style of comic art has been a big hit with both parents and children and everyone in between. He sculpts adorable little clay figurines he calls Box Monsters. (Available at He writes and draws the increasingly popular, cerebrally humorous Web Comic, “Neutron City Comix” ( about a group of nerdy comic strip characters and the guy who writes and draws the comic in which they all star.  AND, He wrestled a crocodile once. Yes, that Danny Limor is truly a fascinating individual. Where DOES he find the time?