OK kids, link

Turning out a quality strip once a week while working a square job during the holidays is too difficult for a lazy bum like me but I’m tired of weeks going by with nothing new to post so we’re going to be trying something new.

I’m still going to try to put out new strips as often as possible but in addition to Neutron City Comix Strips, more about I’m going to be producing N.C.C. Jokey-Jokes!!  Basically, viagra buy I want you, the readers, to send in your favorite all-ages appropriate jokes and I will pick the best ones to turn into black and white Jokey-Jokes.  After I post the Jokey-Jokes, I want you to color them.  Color however you want.  Crayons, Pencils, Markers, Paint, Water Colors, Pastels, Color it Digitally if you like…  Anything goes!!  I will pick a winner from the submissions who will receive a prize of some kind.  Maybe original art or something.   We’ll see.  Anyway…  Submit all jokes and colored strips to neutroncitycomix@yahoo.com  So get those pencils and colors out and DO WORK, SON!!  See you next time!!


Get Your GEEK On!!


BTW- Keep an eye out for the announcement I will soon be sending out for my Kickstarter campaign to fund a limited print run of a premiere issue of Neutron City Comix: The Comic Book!!  There will be lots of prizes and incentives to be had.  It’s gonna be great!