So you say I’m a little late, viagra eh?  Ok kids, here’s the deal.  I had to get a square job.  There were just no two ways about it.  I had to have some money start coming in or I was going to have to start getting used to the idea of living in a box.  Unfortunately the lack of free time is going to make it MUCH harder for me to even come close to getting the comic out once a week.  I will do my best but I can’t make promises.  There most likely WILL be a strip ready this Friday.  I already have it scripted and roughed out.

I was finally able to finish the pin-up I intended to have ready for Halloween.  I thought it would be kind of cool to do a salute to some of my favorite Independent and Creator Owned comics by having my characters dress up as them for Halloween.  It was hard to choose from all of my favorites but I ended up using what I feel is a nice blend of All-Time Classics and New Favorites.  I had to leave out many, many characters that I like a great deal and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.  Halloween happens every year.  Maybe it’ll be you next time.  (BTW– There is a special prize for the first Super-Genius Time Traveler Cadet to correctly identify all of the character costumes.)

Please remember how important it is to support and celebrate independent and creator owned comics both in print and on the web.  Very few of the artists are getting paid for doing their comics and most are doing it every week.  This is why many of them sell printed books of their comics as well as t-shirts, buttons, stickers, Etc…  If you enjoy a particular webcomic, be sure to show your support and help out the artists and writers.  There are a lot of very talented people out there trying to eke out a living and we all need to do our part.

On a totally unrelated note…

I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon to facilitate the printing of a Special Edition Preview “Issue #0” of Neutron City Comix.  I had originally intended to wait until I had enough material to print a trade paperback but I have had a bunch of people ask me about when they can get “the first issue” and, the more I think about it, I do want to have something to use as a sort of “press kit” to shop around and to sell at shows.  There are going to be various levels of support, each entitling the funder to a variety of cool perks and goodies.  The book itself will include the first 25-30 strips with some behind the scenes bonus material and insights.  I intend to include a selection pin-ups in the back of the comic by some of my favorite artists.  The whole thing will look very nice and hopefully will help to spread the joy and laughter to all of the grumpy-butts and the grouchy-pantses out there.  Keep checking back for more info.


Be Excellent To Each Other!!

…And Get Your GEEK On!!