Finally!!  The long awaited conclusion to Triceratops!! RAAAARRGH!!  I know.  Excuses are like butts.  Everybody has one and they’re all full of poop.  (Waitaminit…  Is that how that goes?)  Seriously though, story I have been having a lot of problems lately, not the least of which was my computer crashing on me.  I had to get my hard drive replaced and I lost ALL OF MY FILES!!  AAAAAGH!!  Being a computer idiot, I failed to back up anything and so now all of my comics and stuff are going to have to be re-scanned.  I’m more upset about having to import all my CD’s again.  What a pain.  You may also have noticed a slight difference in the look of the comic which has everything to do with the program that I was using to format my comic being updated when I got my computer back and now I have to learn a new program before I really even got used to the old one.  Anyway, I PROMISE I’m going to post EVERY FRIDAY from now on.  It may not be a full comic but there will be new fun stuff here EVERY FRIDAY for the foreseeable future.  I’m on a life mission and publishing a collected volume of Neutron City Comix is on my list of things to do ASAP.  Count on new material.  EVERY FRIDAY!!  GET YOUR GEEK ON!!