Hey there, visit this gang!!  Can you believe it?!?  TWO weeks in a row!!  Big ups to ME.  I tried something a little different this week.  I went with a bunch of “one-liners” instead of a full-page joke strip. I hope you guys like it.

Last week, website like this Katie Cook ran a Gronk fan/guest strip that I wrote and drew (my brother Yoni did the colors).  I’d like to officially thank her for the boost in readership we’ve experienced here.  New readers: Be sure to tell all your friends to check out Neutron City Comix.  The more readers we have the more likely I am to keep getting the strip out on time.  I’m lazy, dosage but I hate disappointing people.

BTW, I will be at Wizard World Chicago from August 11-14 in Artist Alley, table 3409.  Make sure you come see me.  I’ll be drawing stuff for the kids and just generally being awesome.  I’ll have the usual: Prints, Buttons, Magnets, Box Monsters, Box Monster Hats…

I’m also going to have some new stuff.  For instance, now as well as offering commissioned Marker Drawings, I will also be doing $1 Speed Sketches all weekend.  They are also full-color but are done with crayons and, start to finish, only take a minute or two (hence the name). Stop by and see me. If you want Speed Sketches of Neutron City Comix characters I’ll do ’em two for a dollar!!  A bargain at twice the price!!

I’ll see you kids right back here on Friday next.

In the meantime…  Be Excellent To Each Other.

…and Get Your GEEK On!!