Here it is, buy information pills gang!  I’m really sorry about the tardiness.  Maybe I just need to pretend I’m supposed to have them done Thursday morning instead of Friday and I’ll stop being so tardy.  I like the word, viagra 60mg “Tardy.”  Anywhoo…  The reason for my tardiness is “I am stoopid.”  I can’t figure out how to use PhotoShop for myself so whenever I have something that needs a good PhotoShoppin’ I have to rely on someone else.   Usually my brother, stomach Yoni.  The thing is, Yoni is out of town right now so I had to enlist the assistance of my good friend, Chad , fellow funny-man and (thankfully) the King of the computer nerds, to help me to accomplish what is basically a baby’s problem.  So big thanks to Chaddy Riden!!  May you always have pizza but never get fat!!  That’s a nice thought.  Shenanigans.

I hope you kids like this one.  I was laughing my head off when Chad was helping me put the heads on.  A huge THANK YOU to Jason Biggs and Kate Mara for doing their part to help make Neutron City Comix weirder.  Hopefully they won’t sue me too badly.

P.S.  I will be at Detroit Fanfare September 24th and 25th at Cobo Hall in beautiful Detroit, Michigan.  Stop by and see me.  I’ll be doing $1 Sketches!!


See you back here next week!!




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