I’ll be the first to admit that I have only read one issue of one comic book of the “New 52, ambulance ” the first issue of Justice League Of America, but that was enough for me.  I was against this “reboot” from the beginning for all the reasons I listed in this comic and more.  It feels like a slap in the face to all the fans who stuck with the comic industry over the past 50 years or so.  The youth audience haven’t been even remotely interested in any of the comics that were created specifically for them in the past starring characters who don’t have 30 plus years of “intimidating” back-story, why the heck would they suddenly care about them now?  Most kids don’t read.  It sucks, but it’s true.  Today’s kids are too involved with video games and reality TV to bother with intellectual pursuits like reading.  Even if it’s comics.

…And maybe it’s just me but piecing together a character’s backstory and history bit by bit by reading back issues and selected trade paperbacks was half the fun of reading comics in the first place.  The rich and complex history was part of the allure, not a detractor.  I’m sure that the current sales boom is being looked at as a good thing by the folks over at DC but remember when X-Force #1 came out?  What about All the Image Comics first issues?  People buy multiple copies of first issues because they’re sure they’ll retire off of them one day.  Anybody care to guess what Spawn #1 goes for these days?  I saw one the other day for $2.  X-Force #1s can usually be found in 25¢ boxes (With the collector card included!)  My point is: we won’t have a clear picture of the success/failure of this gambit for several months yet, maybe even a year.  I really do hope it works, I just don’t think it will.  I won’t be buying any of the comics, but I hope it works because I think DC’s characters deserve longevity even if they are being disrespected by the very people who claim to love them the most: The Artists and Writers.

As I previously stated, I’ve only read the one book and I usually enjoy Geoff Johns’ writing and Jim Lee’s art to a lesser extent but neither was very good in this case.  Geoff seemed to be of the mind that starting over from scratch meant that he had to dumb down the writing.  It was clunky at best and was 100% exposition.  Hal Jordan is apparently a stupid kid this time around and Batman was just a prick.  Jim Lee’s art was the same old stuff he’s been doing since his days at Image.  All flash, no substance.  Everything he draws; from costumes to vehicles to weaponry is super-intricately detailed with zero perceivable practicality.  Batman’s car (boat? I don’t remember right now and I sure as heck ain’t reading that thing again) looked like it had a series of knives and swords glued to it.  It was all fins and sharp edges.  It had all the expected Jim Lee detail…  Here’s an example.  Jim Lee’s Batmobile is more Joel Schumacher Batmobile and less Christopher Nolan or Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile.  And Superman?  Ugh…  If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times…  Real Supermen wear their underpants on the outside!!  The suit needs the underpants to break up all that blue.  It looks stupid in the book and it looks even worse in that ridiculous farce they’re letting Zack Snyder make.  It’s not bad enough he ruined Watchmen?  Blech.  I think I may be done with mainstream comics.  It seems like the best stuff these days is coming from Dark Horse and IDW anyway.  Even Image has some pretty good books right now.  The bestest stuff, as usual, is being produced independently by “amateur” artists and writers.  The indie scene is still alive and well, my friends.  The next time you go to a comic convention, spend an afternoon walking around Artist Alley.  That’s where you’re gonna find the best books being produced these days, trust me.

So…  Until this ugly incident is erased in the next Universe-spanning cross-over sales ploy that renders all of this new garbage null and they switch it all back to the way it was before…

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