Here we go, ask kids!!  It’s still FRIDAY!!

Certainly this comic doesn’t apply to any of our readers.  You all are far too smart for this sort of tomfoolery.

I’m equally disappointed by people who don’t know the proper uses of “Too, to, and two” but there was limited space and I did want there to be a joke at the end of it instead of just a sixth panel of derision.  Apparently I spend way too much time on FaceBook because this stuff really boils my noodles and it seems like it might be a prerequisite for using social networking sites that one maintain only a limited mastery of the English language.  I’m not saying I know everything because I don’t but, come on…  We’re talking about stuff we should all have learned in elementary school.  And this isn’t like the other useless junk they made us learn that we’ll never have to use again, these are very basic communication skills.  We all use this stuff everyday.  How are so many people doing it so badly?  It makes me sad for the future because it seems to only be getting worse.  Please, please, please… For the sake of future generations of Americans, learn how to read and write at a high school level.  If you can’t, there’s little hope that your kids will be able to either.

By the way, I also hate when people say “conversate.”  The word you’re looking for is “converse.”   The thing that really pitts my figs about “conversate” is that people use it to try to sound smarter, otherwise they would just say, “talk.”  So they think they sound smarter yet everyone with half a brain knows that they’re a dunce.  When they do it, it’s just as embarrassing for us as it ought to be for them only they don’t realize that they ought to be embarrassed, making it even more embarrassing for all of us, only they don’t know that they should be even more embarrassed making it even more embarrassing…  Don’t you see?  It’s a never-ending cycle of embarrassment and ignorance that could all have been avoided if they had just paid attention in third grade instead of eating their boogers.


See you all next week!!



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